Zuberance Advocate Hubs.

Drive Positive Word of Mouth & Sales.

Zuberance Advocate Hubs

Happy customers don’t usually advocate for a brand or product unless asked. An unhappy customer is far more likely to post a negative tweet or review online than a happy customer, because of this the reputation of a brand or product can be tarnished by a vocal minority.

Zuberance Advocate Hubs is a platform for brands to more easily engage with and reward their most loyal and enthusiastic customers for being advocates. Gamify word-of-mouth; reviews, stories, sharing brand content and promotions.


In Spring 2016 Zuberance's CEO revealed his new vision for the company going forward including a new flagship self-service product that would ultimately become Zuberance Advocate Hubs.


As the sole designer on the project I worked closely with the CEO and CTO to develop and realize the new product.

I was responsible for wireframes that were iterated on until eventually become high fidelity mockups that I would handed-off to the development team to build. I earned a reputation for being able to spot when the code was just 1 pixel-off from my design spec.


Zuberance had built itself on agency style campaigns to drive advocate reviews and word of mouth to promote our clients' products. The problem with that business model is that many clients would use our services to accomplish short-term goals rather than making us a standard part of their marketing.


The goal was to create a marketing product with some "stickiness" that our customers would see the value in staying with as an ongoing campaign for their own customers. We built the product around gamification of customer advocacy.

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