DIY Tech Project

Spring 2015 PC Build

It was finally time to retire my old 2009 Core2Duo build for something modern!

I went for high-end without being "bleeding edge" and super expensive. As you can see I had no favorite brand for this build, everything was selected based on reviews, specs, and price. I’ve since upgraded a few things to keep it kicking in 2020.

Parts List

Original 2015 Total: $1,843.29

3D Mark Benchmarks

❌ Origianl GeForce GTX 980 4GB:

✅ Upgrade GeForce GTX 1070 8GB:



The case has no windows and the few visible LED's I covered with electrical tape so only the power button glows. I also made this build as silent as I could without compromising cooling. I moved the included rear 140mm case fan to the front to have 2 matching intake fans (speed controlled by the switch on the case). I purchased a silent 140mm fan for the rear exhaust and replaced the loud Corsair Liquid Cooler fans with a single silent 120mm CPU fan. My CPU usually hangs around 20° C when idle and rarely hits 40° C under load.