Marketing Webdesign

Zuberance Client Work

A few of the notable clients I did work for include; TiVo, GoDaddy, Logitech, Lyft, Norton, Intuit, Quicken, FTD, Jenny Craig, and Dish.

My original role at Zuberance was primarily doing creative for agency style marketing campaigns that leverage the Zuberance Word of Mouth marketing platform to identify and engage with clients' happy customers.

My role has since slowly transitioned to more UI and Product Design for Zuberance Advocate Hubs.

Early 2019

FTD Referral Email + Social Campaign

A Valentines Day referral program self-contained in an email, the recipient is prompted to share 30% discount and earns $100 credit when 3 or more people use their referral link.

Early 2019 FTD Valentine’s Day Referrals
Email Design & Social Card

Late 2017

Lyft Driver Stories

A campaign to generate positive stories from Lyft drivers in the San Jose area and promote that content to encourage new prospective drivers to signup.

Late 2017 Lyft Driver Stories
Lyft Driver Story Sharing Page Design

Late 2017

GoDaddy GoCentral Referrals

Referral program landing page to drive prospects to try GoCentral website builder.

GoDaddy GoCentral Referrals
Landing Page Design
Early 2017

Logitech Harmony Contest

User generated content campaign. Customers were asked to submit images of their Harmony universal remote setup for a chance to win Logitech products.

Logitech Harmoy Contest
Email & Entry Form Design

Early 2014

Rubio's Beach Fest

Informational landing page for Rubio's annual beach cleanup party.

Landing Page Design

Late 2013

TiVo Holiday Sweepstakes

My first major campaign at Zuberance while still just a contractor. This was a holiday sweepstakes based around sharing an offer.

TiVo Contest Entry Page